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There's no payday being the best kept secret. Create a BIGGER POP for your organization and get some attention. Bigger Perspectives lead to Bigger Opportunities and create Bigger Payoffs.>>


Eyes Wide Open

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Grab on to our helicopter and get a better view.>>


Expand and Grow

Everything doesn't have to be limited or stalled. Make opportunities happen.>>


Exceed Expectations

Investments have returns, expenses get cut. Get the return you earn.>>

Magnitude is your solution for bigger sales and marketing
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Hiring a marketing company is like playing the claw game, you put a lot of money in but the prize slips out before you get it. Contact us to see how to win.


Check out our payback partnerships and learn about some great organizations. If you want us to consider a payback partnership with you, drop us a note.

In-Kind Contributions. Supporting causes, organizations, and initiatives you believe in feels good and is good for your soul. Check out the great work of this group and consider lending your support too. It's good for everyone.

Promise for Protein. Producers/farmers donate animals and Promise for Protein organizes logistics and provides processing costs to convert these donated animals into packaged meats. The Midwest Food Bank then receives the meat and distributes it to over 200 food banks, pantries, and shelters.
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Trade Sponsorships. Let's cut a deal where we help you and you help us. It's fun and easy. If you have a sponsorship opportunity where we can offer an in-kind service in return for sponsorship, let's talk.

CarmelFest. For nearly 25 years, CarmelFest has been the largest single community gathering for Carmel. In return for sponsorship, Magnitude assists with marketing and brand awareness for CarmelFest.
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